Rack Unit Controller 2560



Need to control your rack mounted hardware? Wish there was one board with everything you wanted on it? Now there is!

No matter your project, if you want to make a piece of rack hardware, this is the project for you! With onboard Ethernet, POE, USB Serial, Power regulation, Arduino Mega compatible microcontroller, I2C, Pixel interface and more!

If using any of our other rack hardware, such as the Light Switch Link 12, this is a must have!

The Rack Unit Controller 2560 has everything you ever wanted to start your 19 inch rack project! Including;

  • WS5500 Ethernet interface
  • Option 12V POE built in, expandable to commercial POE with other modules
  • I2C MAC Address ROM
  • ATMega2460 Arduino Mega Processor
  • FT232 USB programming interface
  • Selectable power source
  • All Serial Ports exposed
  • Pixel connectors in both DenScript and Screw Terminal format
  • I2C interface in DenScript Format
  • Activity LEDs for Ethernet, Serial, Power and D13
  • Digital Pins D0-D13 and Analog Pins A0-A7 exposed
  • Large cut out to allow the mounting of a i2C screen interface
  • Fit into your own case or use the mounting holes to mount in a commonly available 1U rack mount box such as the one foundĀ here

Compatible with SuperHouse.tv POE Modules

DISCLAIMER: Designed for experimental use ONLY. This product has not been through any official certification.


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