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Ready to jump into the world of AI and robotics? Face tracking, object recognition, voice control and more? Then you need NextGen Compact, the table top solution that is perfect for developing Human Robot Interaction (HRI) applications!

Consisting of a head with a small body, with built in microphones, speakers and camera, coupled with advanced vision processing and ChatGPT based AI, NextGen Compact is ready out of the box with predownloaded example programs, and technical manuals that explain everything you need to be up and running in as little as half an hour. Further more, we continually release new example programs via our GitHub Repository, meaning you will never be short of new inspiration.

NextGen Compact has two main control centres;

The brain: a powerful single board computer, running the main AI programs, written in Python.

The controller: an all in one body controller, written in Arduino, controlling all the movements and sensors in the unit.

You can control a NextGen Unit via the main brain via USB, via the secondary USB socket, over DMX512 protocol or over a network.

Each unit also contains an interface port, compatible with the NextGen Button Interface; six programable buttons that can start programs, trigger actions or more! As well as the NextGen Button Interface, you will also find an initialisation button and indicator LEDs on the front panel.

On the rear of the base you find DMX512 interface, USB, HDMI and audio sockets, Ethernet connection, remote emergency stop connection, earth connection and DC power socket.

There are thirteen motors in the unit; three in the neck, two in the jaw, two in each eye and one for each eyelid (optional).

The unit arrives pre-assembled, with an included power adaptor.

NextGen Compact comes in three distinct models:


A robust robotics platform that can be controlled from any Windows, Mac or Linux PC, with a built-in camera and speakers.


The same starting point as the Standard Unit, but now with a built-in Jetson Nano SPC, providing the perfect platform for developing your AI applications. There is also a microphone included, along side the camera and speakers, allowing for a perfect interaction.


The top of the range model, NextGen Compact Pro is powered by a Jetson Xavier NX core, providing 75% more CPU power as Advanced, with more than double the GPU cores, and the camera upgraded to an Intel RealSense Depth Camera, proving unparalleled vision. With the upgraded microphone, to a microphone array, allowing NextGen Compact to detect what direction the sound is coming from, NextGen Compact Pro is the ultimate HRI platform. Pro models also have built-in WiFi and Bluetooth.

There is currently a four week lead time on NextGen Compact as we produce each unit to order. Each unit is then tested for several days prior to shipping.

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