At Dennistries we have two different units available for hire, Gen2 and NextGen. 

Gen2, the centre of attention:

Standing at almost seven foot tall, Gen2 units are hard to miss. Available as four different characters in a variety of colours, these units can be controlled from any standard lighting desk, or using software that requires less than ten minutes of training! 

Also available are the puppets, that allow people to control the robot using a smaller model that will mirror the movements. Through this, a Gen2 suddenly becomes a game, and using two units you could have a race to stack blocks or shoot some hoops! 

The units come as in six sections and can be assembled with just two included tools, meaning almost anyone can use them!

NextGen, the future of education and research;

140cm of aluminium, steel and smarts, NextGen is ideal for education and research. Available as either the full unit or just a head, in both standard and advanced options, NextGen can appeal to a range of age groups and abilities. 

Each unit uses over forty motors to move its body, arms, shoulders, hands, head or eyes, and by using off the shelf motors, you can design and build your own parts to produce add ons, upgrades or replacements to your NextGen!

Each unit ships with a getting started guide, detailed instructions in both booklet and video format, and support to ensure you get your unit set up without difficulty.