SLA Printing

In SLA printing (sometimes known as resin printing) we can produce:

  • Up to 28mm x 24mm x 44.6mm

We currently only offer SLA printing in grey water washable resin. If you order a SLA print, you will receive the finished part after post processing, without any support structure. However, your print may require some finishing, such as sanding or filling to remove any small areas where support was attached. 

How does SLA Printing work?

Rather than melting plastic, a SLA printer has a container (known as a vat) filled with resin. Below the vat there is a OLED display, that emits ultraviolet (UV) light. When the resin is exposed to UV light, it hardens. The bed is lowered into the vat, and UV hardened resin is built up onto the bed, which slowly raises out and above the vat. By using this process, we can achieve layer heights of 0.05mm on the machines that Dennistries operate.

Post processing

Unlike FDM 3D printing, more extensive post processing is required for SLA prints. Firstly, the prints need to be washed. We use a water washable resin, meaning the resin can be washed without using an hazardous chemicals. Using a specially designed washing station, excess resin particles are removed from the part. Once this has been completed, the part is left to dry, before being ‘cured’ in a ultraviolet bath. Once this is completed, the part is ready.