3D Printing

3D printing offers any designer the chance to produce a part at pace, hence the name ‘Rapid Prototyping’, or RP.

At Dennistries we are proud to offer a service for designers to have their designs produced. We have the following capabilities:

In FDM printing (where a reel of plastic is melted and layers are built up):

  • Up to 255mm x 205mm x 205mm in a 0.4mm nozzle
  • Up to 400mm x 400mm x 400mm in a 1.0mm nozzle

    In SLA printing (sometimes known as resin printing):

    • Up to 28mm x 24mm x 44.6mm in grey resin

    FDM vs SLA:

    FDM prints are seen now as a standard thanks to their ease of use, however the detail on a SLA printer is unmatchable compared to a FDM print. By default we print all FDM prints at 0.3mm later height, and can go down to 0.15mm if required. However, the SLA prints work at a layer height of 0.05mm, giving unmatched quality.  It should however be noted that SLA prints take longer than FDM and require post processing, leading to a slightly longer lead time. 

    How the service works:

    First, select if you want FDM or SLA printing. 

    Next, submit your .stl file, and specify your preferred infill, colour and if there is a preferred orientation (for FDM) or whether you want your part to be solid or hollow, and which surface requires the most detail, and so should not have supports (for SLA). 

    There is no guarantee your preferences can be matched, but we will try our best to. 

    Once we receive the information, we will slice your part and send you a preview. We aim to complete this within 24 hours during business hours, but could take slightly longer during peak times. We will ask for a confirmation, and send you payment options. Once payment has been received, your print will join the print queue. 

    You will be updated when the print has started, and an estimated print time. 

    What will I receive?

    You will be informed when your print is ready for dispatch. 

    If you ordered a FDM print, you will receive the print as it came off the printer, still with support and raft. Due to the volume of printing we undertake, we sadly are unable to remove supports, rafts and brims. 

    If you ordered a SLA print, you will receive the finished part after post processing, without any support structure. However, your print may require some finishing, such as sanding or filling to remove any small areas where support was attached. 

    Will you design a 3D printed part for me?

    We are afraid we are unable to design individual parts to be printed, and our design services are solely for robotic projects. However, if you are looking for a simple part to print, there are a multitude of websites that either have parts you can download, or freelance designers who can be hired. 

    Multiple parts:

    If you need multiple parts printed please submit each one separately so the information will not be confused. We limit multiples of the same part to no more than 10. If you require more for your project please contact us. When supplying .stl files please do not combine multiple, disconnected parts together. These files will be marked as incompatible and you will be notified.


    Sadly we cannot publish fixed prices as each part is different, however below you can see some examples and how much these cost, to give you a rough estimate. 

    Service launching Summer 2023.