The future of education and research

140cm of aluminium, steel and smarts, NextGen is ideal for education and research. Available as either the full unit or just a head, in both standard and advanced options, NextGen can appeal to a range of age groups and abilities. 

Each unit uses over forty motors to move its body, arms, shoulders, hands, head or eyes, and by using off the shelf motors, you can design and build your own parts to produce add ons, upgrades or replacements to your NextGen!

Each unit ships with a getting started guide, detailed instructions in both booklet and video format, and support to ensure you get your unit set up without difficulty. 

Easy to assemble

NextGen is modular, allowing easy transporting and assembly, with no more than two people required to assemble the unit, with just ten minutes from unboxing to programs running.

Easy to upgrade

Being modular, NextGen can be easily upgraded, not only future-proofing the unit, but giving you the opportunity to design new parts to specialise your unit to your requirements.

Extensive Documentation

Everything you need to know is there, from wiring diagrams, example programs to data flows. Example sessions are also included, as well as starting points for where projects can be launched, making NextGen an out of the box experience.

No Limits

Want to work on developing just one part of the unit? Thanks to the modular design, you can do just that! Whether it is the arm, head or even just the eyes, NextGen is endlessly scalable to meet your needs.

Three customisable options…


A robust robotics platform to meet your needs, controllable from any Windows, Mac or Linux PC.


On board smarts allow NextGen to become a standalone unit, capable of face tracking, object recognition and more!


A more powerful brain, upgraded depth camera and audio inputs mean a NextGen Pro is the ultimate Human Robot Interaction platform.

Each options can be adapted to meet your needs, please get in touch to configure your NextGen unit!

See NextGen in action