POE Link 12



Want to power your devices over an Ethernet Cable? Well then you need a POE injector!

The POE Link 12 has twelve POE ports, allowing you to plug a standard ethernet cable in the bottom (from a switch or router), and a powered ethernet cable in the top (to your POE compatible device).


  • Twelve POE ports, each with a relay so they can be power cycled.
  • One shared power supply for all ports, either fed through a screw terminal block at the rear or a 2.1mm DC connector at the front.
  • MCP23017 with i2C interface
  • DenScript Style i2C interface
  • Selectable Address
  • Fit into your own case or use the mounting holes to mount in a commonly available 1U rack mount box such as the one foundĀ here

Please note; whilst two different types of RJ45 connectors are shown, the unit will ship with all three being the same type.

DISCLAIMER: Designed for experimental use ONLY. This product has not been through any official certification.


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