DIN Rail Relay Module


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The DIN Rail Relay Module is the perfect addition to any home automation switch board!

With nine 16A 250V relays, this Relay Module can drive lights, motors or any other load! You can easily control the Relay Module over LIN Bus, and using the address header pins, you can assign up to 16 different addresses, allowing for a total of 144 relays!

There is a LED display at the top of the module, giving you feedback on the status of each relay, and the status of the Relay Module. There is also a reset button accessible via a paper clip.

The Relay Module is in a DIN Rail Mountable enclosure, allowing it to be mounted inside a switch board. The enclosure is light grey UL94-V0 flame retardant polycarbonate, making it perfect for this application.

This product is a great addition to the LIN Bus Shield!


  • 9x 16A Relays
  • 2x RJ11 connector with LIN Interface
  • 16 different addresses available, set by jumpers
  • LED Status display
  • High Quality PCB
  • UL94-V0 flame retardant polycarbonate DIN Mount enclosure

DISCLAIMER: This product has not been through any official certification and is intended for Experimental Use ONLY.


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