DenScript NRF24L01 Module Adaptor


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Want to get projects to communicate using radio receivers? Now you can!

The NRF24L01 Radio module is commonly available on online retailers, however it is not easy to connect to a DenScript or Arduino board. But now there is!

You can connect the NRF24L01 module to the DenScript NRF24L01 Module Adaptor, which breaks out the pins to the DenScript format, and contains a 3.3V regulator to power the NRF24L01, meaning you can power the module with a normal 5V power supply from a DenScript Uno. All pins are labelled to make it easy, and there is an unpopulated ISP header which can be used to connect the Adaptor directly onto the ISP header of an Arduino.

Please note: the NRF24L01 module is not included.

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