DenScript Leonardo


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Want to build a project where you can control things on your computer? Want to have fully built in Serial communications? Want extra pins? More analog pins? More PWM pins? Well here is the DenScript Leonardo!

Based on the Arduino Leonardo, using the ATMega32u4 processor, the DenScript Leonardo fits in the same footprint as our DenScript Uno, but has built in USB to Serial, 23 pins of which eight can be analog pins, as well as more RAM and storage.

The features include:

  • On board power regulation via the 2.1mm DC connector.
  • 23 pins, of which eight can do analog inputs.
  • Digital pin 13 connected to a LED.
  • Built in USB to Serial converter meaning Human Input Device (HID) emulation can be done, meaning the DenScript Leonardo can pretend to be a mouse or keyboard!


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