DenScript Arduino Uno Shield


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The DenScript Arduino Uno Shield is the best way to integrate DenScript Modules with your Arduino!

The Shield breaks out all of the digital and analogue pins into the DenScript colour Coded format. The 6 PWM Pins on the Arduino Uno are also broken out a second time, but with a twist, they have the orange pins for power, meaning VIN, so you can power higher power loads. There is also a Pixel header, connected to digital pin 8. Finally, there are power pins broken out for GND (Black), 5V (Red) and VIN (Orange), and a Reset Button.

The board has a large section at the front missing to ensure it will not interfere with any power jacks, USB connectors or Ethernet sockets you may have on your Arduino.

Please note: The Arduino Uno, DenScript Modules and wires pictured are not included.

Design files on GitHub:


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